Nature’s Edge Table


Nature's Edge Table

The Nature’s Edge Table features a “live” edge attached to a staved panel that creates a unique, one-of-a-kind look with each table that’s made. The gracefully curved, v-shaped ends of the trestle-style base with its interlocking cross-rail add to this table’s unique character.

Shown above in cherry wood, 44″ wide x 96″ long with Russet stain and custom Keystone Antiquity Package with Satin Sheen.

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W: 72 In.
D: 42 In.
H: 30 In.

W: 84 In.
D: 44 In.
H: 30 In.

W: 96 In.
D: 44 In.
H: 30 In.
32826_NaturesEdgeTable_Detail 2
3D Rendering
Ability to
diverse &
custom finishes
color range
Vast selection
of wood species