Diverse + Custom Finishes

Create Furniture That Tells a Story

New furniture does not have to look new. Capture the look of a well-worn piece with one of or custom finishing and distressing options.

We pay attention to the smallest details in our finishing processes. These treatments draw out the unique characteristics of the wood and duplicate the time-worn feel of antiques.

Choose from dozens of finishing options, including stains, hand-planed, hand burnishing, weathered, mixed-colors, sheen options, glazing, or create a one-of-a-kind finish.

sanibel stain on elmElm with Sanibel stain.
handhewn russet stainHandhewn oak with Russet stain.
handplaned red oak with taupe stainHandplaned red oak with Taupe stain.


driftwood weathered finish on Red OakRed oak with Driftwood weathered finish.
antiquity distress cottage greenAntiquity Cottage finish.
vintage finish with almond paintVintage Distress with Almond paint.

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Our furniture line is categorized by room and by piece. The collection is curated to spark inspiration and help you explore design possibilities.